Chapter II

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The Complete Works of 
Harun Yahya

Works That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

The Complete Works of Harun Yahya



You have never read a book like this before,
because a book like this has never been written…

The New Masonic Order, a massive volume of nearly 1000 pages, is one of the most important books in Harun Yahya’s series. The book begins by relating the background of Columbus’ discovery of America and goes on to tell about the creation of a secular order in Europe, the role of Jews and Masons in the establishment of this order and its influence in the twentieth century. You can learn from this book about Israel’s secret foreign policy, facist alliances in the Third World and the Anti-Islamic International they are trying to form.

The basic thesis of the book is summarized in the Foreword:

This book investigates events which may appear quite different from one another from an historical perspective. From the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus to Nazi Germany, from the Protestant Reformation to the Muslim blood shed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the author investigates his topics in an orderly manner.

The main idea that this book proposes – and proves – is that, behind historical events, there are some secret realities that cannot be grasped by a superficial view. Events which appear to be unrelated, may have in reality some important connections. It is possible to discover these connections and put the small parts together to form a substantial whole.

By putting these small parts together into a whole, this book reveals a hidden dynamic operative in the world from the end of the Middle Ages until the present day.



A famous classic uncovering the truth behind Freemasonry

A general overview of the contents of Judaism and Freemasonry can be read in the Foreword to the book:

Despite the fact that over 60 thousand books have been written about it, too little is known in our society about the rise of Masonry, its goals and present activity. Masonry is an international movement closely akin to Judaism. For this reason, it is very difficult to describe the believers in the Torah and their aims without also telling about Masonry.

What is known about the Jews is limited to what has been learned in a few novels and films. For this reason, the lively illustrated first section of the book deals with the Jews in Israel and in other countries, explaining their attachment to their religion. The second section demonstrates the relationship between Masonry and Judaism. In the final section, the book treats subjects such as the degeneration of religion and how Masonry tries to promote the theory of evolution.

This investigation was done using primary documents only; secondary sources were not consulted. The subject of Judaism was not approached from a racial perspective but there was no hesitation to point out clearly the Zionist ideology found in the Torah.

We can say the same thing about Masonry. It is a mistake to look with the eye of a true mason at those who have become members of the Order for the benefits they may receive. What this book wishes to accomplish is not to degrade the leveling rod but to draw attention to some perverse ideas that are infecting our nation; it wishes to show how this infection is being spread and by whom. This is the reason for giving the lists. Therefore, the lists do not contain the name of every mason; they were included to give an idea of the institutions they have penetrated.



Dark relationships in a dark world,
Mafia-Gladio-Secret Services, terror organizations,
and partners in terrorism with different ideologies…

This book demonstrates the unexpected connections between those organizations and regimes that accept terrorism as a political expedient. It is proved with documentary evidence how forces that claim to be fighting a war against terrorism adopt it for their own advantage. Here are some of the sections that make up the book:

The book begins with a section that investigates the secret service of Israel. It deals with various unknown aspects of the activities of the Mossad and its relations with other secret service organizations.

The second section deals with the Vatican. It investigates the role of the masons in the degeneration of the center of the Catholic world, how the “33 Day Pope”, John Paul l, was removed by the mason organization, and how this masonic influence in the Vatican affects the relation between the Papacy and the Jews and Israel.

The third section gives some important information about the unknown world of the Mafia and arms trade. It tells about the relationship between the Mafia world in America and Israel and about the connections Israel has established with other terror organizations based on Jewish arms trade.

The fourth section is about the scandal of the P2 Masonic Lodge. The investigation begins by examining the relationship between this lodge and Israel and the Mossad.

The fifth section concerns the relation between P2 and the famous Gladio organization of Section five also examines the relationship established by P2 with the Mossad and the Mafia.



Israel has always been the most avid supporter
in the Middle East of Kurdish separatist activities.
This fact has remained hidden up to now; this book
shows the truth in all its aspects.

In this book it is explained how Israel, especially since the 1950’s has incited the minorities in Arab states in an attempt to destroy the established political power in these countries. It is shown that Israel in this context had shown close interest in the Kurds, supported a Kurdish uprising in Iraq in the 1960’s and upheld the Kurdish cause through its lobby in Washington. The book treats US and Israeli policy with regard to the Kurds and shows how Israel influences the US in this matter.

It is not only Israel’s Kurdish card that is dealt with, but also the background of many other related problems. For example, the background of the Iran-Iraq war is explained in detail as well as how the US and Israel supported Saddam Hussein and supplied him with arms in the course of this war. The book tells about the secret relations between Saddam and Iraq’s Baas Party, and the CIA and the Mossad, the background of the Irangate scandal, Israel’s role in the Gulf War and the relations between Israel and the Kurds after the Gulf War. It contains also a full examination of Israel’s water policy.

This book is the result of much research and its claims are supported by documentary evidence. Hundreds of sources, most of foreign origin, were carefully examined, and all information is footnoted.

Whatever subject interests you, whether it be the Kurdish problem, the Arab-Israeli question, Middle East politics or Turkey’s policy in the southeast, be sure to read Israel’s Kurdish Card. It promises its readers a look at background facts and information difficult to access, an interesting viewpoint and stimulating reading experience.



The secret relationship between the Serbs and the
West is presented for the first time in this book. You can
only read the true story of the savagery in Bosnia here.

The behind the scenes story of the 1992-1995 war and massacres is widely presented with documents from the past and our own time. Reading this book, you will learn about the historical development of Serbian nationalism, and the relationships the leaders of the movement established with the British and French through Freemasonry. You will read of the massacre of Bosnian Muslims by the Chetniks in World War II, and the ‘masonic’ relationship between the Chetniks and the American secret services. The subject is illuminated with extracts from Serbian lodge articles. The purpose of the book is explained in the introductory section in these words:

The most important answer to why we are so concerned with Bosnia Herzogovina is the fact that the Serbian aggression against the Muslims in 1992-1995 had a totally anti-Islamic identity and intent. In other words, the attack was not aimed at the Bosnians themselves, but at Muslim identity, and is for that reason of interest to every Muslim. The Bosnians suffered an attack as described in the Qur’an:“…those who were expelled from their homes without any right, merely for saying, ‘Our Lord is God'” (Surat al-Hajj: 40). For this reason, it is the duty of all other Muslims to help these Muslims in their legal struggle, as the Qur’an sets out : “What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God – for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!’?” (Surat an-Nisa suresi: 75) This book cherishes the ambition of carrying out this duty by lifting the ‘enemy’s’ mask and calling on all Muslims to be aware of the situation.



In this book, you will see that only living
by the moral values of the Qur’an in the real
sense will put an end to all forms of cruelty,
that is, of hunger, misery, war and degeneracy in the world.

This book relates how the morals of the Qur’an will provide solutions to all the wickedness, injustice, poverty, injustice, terror, hunger and misery prevailing in the world, and provides examples from every corner of the earth. It deals with many subjects from the moral degeneracy pervading America and Russia, to the cruelty inflicted on people in Chechnya and Kosova, from murder to hunger, from the merciless and disrespectful treatment the elderly receive to the evil of racism, and explains how living by the moral values of the Qur’an brings effective solutions to all of these. The quotation below is taken from the back cover of the book:

“Around the globe the majority of people are oppressed. They are tortured, butchered, live in abject poverty, are homeless, forced to live their lives unprotected from the elements and face disease without adequate medical care. There are those who cannot afford even a loaf of bread. There are the elderly who face neglect, abandonment and denied health care. Then there are those who face discrimination, massacre, expulsion from their homes and lands simply because of their ethnicity, language, race or tribe. There are helpless, malnourished, defenseless and innocent children forced to work or beg for money.. …”

It is essential that we all listen to the voice of our conscience to rescue these people, and to make the world a place of justice, peace, security, prosperity and well-being. The only way to be conscientious is to have faith. Consequently, there is only one solution to the injustice, chaos, terror, massacre, hunger, poverty, and oppression: The Morals of the Qur’an.



The world witnessed the massacres carried
out by communist leaders in the last century.
But is the danger now past? No! Communism is lying in wait!

Communism is an ideology that left its mark on the 20th century. But this mark is one of oppression, cruelty, blood and tears. Historians calculate that 120 million people lost their lives because of this ideology during the course of the 20th century. These were not soldiers at the front in time of war, but civilians murdered by their own communist states. 100 million men, women, old people, and children lost their lives because of this cold, hard, unforgiving and savage ideology. Millions of people became the target for communist guerilla groups and terrorist organization bullets, or else feared that they would become so.

So, what is the root of this ideology? How did such a bloody and ruthless worldview find supporters all over the world, come to power in revolutions, and drag millions of people behind it? Where was communism born, how did it grow, and how did it come to an end? Has it really ended, or does it still menace the world?

You will find the answer to these questions in this book. And more importantly, you will see that there is still a great danger, the fact that communism is ‘lying in wait.’ Communism, which cost the lives of 120 million people, is hidden, but still active. It survives under different names, and is waiting for the day when it can inflict similar suffering on mankind to that it inflicted on it in the past.

For this reason it is a most important duty to reveal the true face of communism, tell people of the suffering it caused humanity in the past, and to strip the mask from the hidden, but growing menace. This book was written with that intention. Communism in Ambush is a book that should be read at once by everyone who wants to learn about these realities…


Though it seems to be so, fascism is not 
an ideology of the past. Today, it continues to pose 
a threat to humanity under different names and guises…

Fascism is known as an ideology that originated and spread in the 20th century. The fascist ideas that rapidly spread across the world right after the World War I, came to power primarily in Germany and Italy, but also in various other countries such as Greece, Spain and Japan. People living in those countries suffered much under the oppressive and brutal fascist regimes and were subjected to much inhumane cruelty. Fascism is an ideology that has brought great disasters to humanity. Not only has it caused millions of people to be killed and tortured simply because of their race, and with the outbreak of World War II in the last century, but it has also attempted to abolish all human values by forming a “society of fear” everywhere it has emerged.

Yet fascism is not an ideology of the past which we only come across in history books today. Although there seem to be no countries employing fascism openly as a regime today, powers, political groups and parties with fascist tendencies are still active today in many parts of the world, under different names and guises, and are still making people suffer similar agony. It is also likely that potential social conditions to be formed in the future may pave the way for a resurgence of fascism. For this reason, fascism continues to be a threat to the world.

This book has been prepared against the threat of fascism. Its main purpose is to present various fascist tendencies which appear under different methods and guises, and expose their real origins and objectives. The book also attempts to bring down the mask of fascism which occasionally wears a “religious” cloak, and reveal that fascism definitely offers an anti-religionist system.



Do you know what term Darwin felt appropriate
for the Turks in the ‘racial hierarchy’ he proposed?

In this book called Darwin’s Enmity of the Turks, the little-discussed racist side of Darwinism is considered. The book’s main thesis is summed up as follows on the back cover:

The relationship between Darwin’s theory of evolution and racism is one they generally try to conceal, but one of great importance. Darwinism, which claims that humans evolved from ape-like creatures, and that still today some races have remained at the ‘half-ape’ level, is actually the foundation for those racist ideas which became widespread in the 19th century.

Among Charles Darwin’s views on human races is the nonsensical claim that the Turkish nations is ‘an inferior race,’ a claim which will soon disappear for ever.

With such nonsense Darwinism provided a so-called scientific justification for 19th century imperialism, which took the Ottoman Empire as its main target, and also for all other forces with a hatred of the Turks, even down to the present day…

The first chapter of the book outlines the logic of colonialism and reveals the link between it and social Darwinism. After that section, which is illustrated with concrete historical facts, comes the chapter ‘British Colonialism and the Ottomans,’ which describes Britain’s anti-Ottoman plans during the 19th century and World War I, and how the British tried to eliminate the Ottomans by splitting them up. The next chapter reveals how social Darwinism was formulated, and employed by Britain against the Turkish nation in particular. In this section, headed ‘Darwin’s view of the Turks,’ Darwin’s nonsense about the Turks is given in his own words, and solid evidence presented of the unbreakable link between Darwinism and enmity of the Turks, which continues up to the present day with the neo-Nazis.



Behind fascism and communism, ideologies that have
brought pain and suffering to mankind, lies Darwinism.
This book will reveal this hitherto hidden aspect of history.

The list of disasters of the last century, and what was actually responsible for them, is summed up as follows:

“The 20th century was a century of war and conflict, leading to disasters, pain, massacres, poverty, and enormous destruction. Millions of people were killed, massacred, abandoned to hunger and death, and left without home or shelter, protection, or support. On nearly every occasion there were despots’ and dictators’ signatures beneath all the suffering and disasters: Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco… While some of these men shared the same ideology, others were enemies to the death. For the simple reason that their ideologies were opposed to each other, they dragged societies into conflict and turned brother against brother, having them start wars, throw bombs, and hold riotous demonstrations.

Fascism and communism come at the head of the ideologies that caused mankind to suffer those dark days. These are seen as enemies, as ideas that tried to destroy each other. In actual fact, there is a most interesting truth here: for these ideologies were nourished by a single ideological source, drew strength and support from that source, and, thanks to that source, were able to draw societies to their side. At first sight, this source has never drawn any attention, has always remained behind the scenes until now, and has always shown people its innocent-looking face. That source is materialist philosophy and DARWINISM, the state of that philosophy as adapted to nature.”

The book also explains that the solution is to bring down the ideas of those who do these things, and to explain, patiently and kindly, that the morality of the Qur’an is the only true path.



Alternative views in foreign policy…

Printed in 1996, this book takes account of the conditions at the time and suggests a new look at Turkish foreign policy with an ‘Ottoman vision.’ These are some extracts:

On Middle East policy…

‘If you follow a multi-faceted foreign policy, instead of being a passive part of the American-Israeli camp in the Middle East, you can gain a psychological superiority by establishing relations with that camp, and with those who oppose it. In that event, the United States will consider the logic of not annoying and losing you. Those who do not enjoy good relations with Washington will see you as a window opening onto the world and an intelligent partner, instead of as a neighbor who is lost to the opposing camp. You will not have to choose sides in a balance of forces of this kind, because nobody will have the credit to oblige you to do so…’

On the Caucasus and the Middle East…

‘…Yeltsin’s Russia, whose aims and interests in the region conflict with Turkey’s in almost every field, is a strategic partner that Washington has chosen for itself in the region and has decided to support in all circumstances. When forced to make a choice between Turkey and Yeltsin’s Russia, the United States will look to Moscow. Its central Asia-Caucasus policy must be defined with that in mind…’

Turkey and the Turkic republics

‘…The first condition for policies of cooperation and unity between Turkey and the Turkic republics is an increase in opportunities for cultural cooperation. Matters such as the provision of communication facilities, the formation of joint education policies, and students being able to study in other countries, are all important from the point of view of a growth of this unity…’



You can read all of Harun Yahya’s published articles in this book…

Volume 1 consists of all of Harun Yahya’s articles on a number of subjects between 1994 and 2000. In each article, the propositions are based on concrete facts, and it is made clear on what logic the concepts employed are founded. Some of the headings in the volume are:

Peace between Israel and the PLO: The other side of the coin, The reason for Ehud Barak’s visit, Chinese oppression in East Turkestan must not be ignored, A halt must now be called to the human tragedy in Chechnya.

Volume 2 reveals examples of the perfect creation of God in the heavens and on the Earth. Some of the headings are: Termites: The blind architects, The microscopic factories in leaves, The flawless design in water, and The order in the heavens.

Volume 3 consists of some articles published between October 2000 and January 2001. The following words appear in the conclusion to the article Hard times for Eritrean Muslims:

Of course our aspiration is for a just and peaceful world order wherein different religions and racial groups can live in peace, where people are not killed for their beliefs or language. All Muslims need to make strong efforts to free innocent Muslims all around the world as part of their work towards that end.



In this book you will read about the real nature
of sentimentality and what an individual or even a
society can stand to lose because of its influence.

There is a subtle danger that alienates people from their religion, prevents them from submitting to God and brings them much pain and suffering. Sometimes the clenched fist of a Fascist symbolizes this danger; sometimes a Communist marching song contains hints of it and sometimes the words of a love letter written by a young man to the girl he loves have this danger at their source. The most important aspect of this danger is, few people realize that it is totally contrary to religion and spirituality. Most people do not even see this spiritual condition as a danger, but commend it as a virtuous way of life.

This danger is sentimentality which directs people to live not according to their intelligence but according to their feelings; that is, their passions, weaknesses, stubbornness and anger. Sentimentality is one of those errors that is regarded as truth. In ignorant societies, sentimentality is presented as a fine quality proper to good, compassionate people. However, it is highly dangerous in every way for a person to react emotionally to the situations in which he finds himself. Sentimentality has absolutely no regard for intelligence which is one of the most vital qualities that a human being possesses.

The purpose of making sentimentality the subject of a separate book is to point out that, although it may appear innocent, it is more harmful to a person than he might expect. Sentimentality appears to be a normal aspect of human character but, whether for an individual or a society, it constitutes a serious danger. Of course, the book shows how easy it is to be freed from this danger by following the guide that God has given to humanity in the Qu’ran which prevents a person’s emotions from gaining power over his reason.



Truths that you come across every moment of
your lives, but which you pass by without considering…

Everyone in the world follows a path, or a way of life. But some of these paths are wrong, and lead man to a material and spiritual dead-end. In order for people to choose the true path from an infinite number of alternatives, they must think, and study the truth.

This book concerns different perspectives on life, and you will also read some important truths in it.

The formation of the universe we live in, the miraculous properties possessed by living things in the world around us, and the extraordinary systems that function in our bodies every second of the day, will lead you to the truth that everything was created by God.

Enlightening and satisfying facts about the scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution, which holds that everything came about by coincidence, will remind you of the truth that coincidence has no place in the formation of life and the universe.

Alongside all that, the chapters that describe the reason for all the chaos and conflict the world suffered in the 20th century, will reveal the truth that Darwinism was the source of all the pain and suffering inflicted on mankind.

Lastly, in the chapter that there is no need for all the difficulties, pain, suffering, chaos, conflict, war, hatred and oppression in the world, you will witness the truth that the way for all these horrors to give way to good and beauty is for people to live according to the morality of the Qur’an.

After reading this work, prepared as a collection of Harun Yahya’s presentations in newspapers, you will realize that your attitude to what is going on in the world will have changed.



The greatest fraud in the history of science is unveiled…

The Evolution Deceit has been published in many languages and created a sweeping effect across the world. The purpose of the book is to display the basic scientific facts that disprove the theory of evolution in every field and to make people aware of the inner truth, background and real purpose of this scientific fraud.

The main thrust of the book is stated in the introduction:

The theory of evolution constitutes the underpinnings of a dishonest philosophy that has held sway over a great number of people. That philosophy is “materialism”, which holds a number of bogus views about why and how we came into being. Materialism maintains that there is nothing but the matter and that matter is the essence of everything, be it living or non-living. Starting out from this premise, it denies the existence of a divine Creator, that is, God.

The detriments of materialism are not only limited to individuals. Materialism also seeks to abolish the basic values on which the state and society rest and generate a soulless and insensitive society that pays attention only to matter. For these reasons, materialism is one of the severest menaces to the basic values of the political and social order of a nation.

Another great evil of materialism is its underpinning of anarchist and divisive ideologies that take aim at the perpetuity of the state and the people. Communism, the foremost of these ideologies, is the natural political outcome of the materialist philosophy. Seeking to abolish such sacred notions as state and family, it constitutes the fundamental ideology of every form of separatist actions directed against the unitary structure of the state.



In this book you can read all the details of
how scientific discoveries have definitively
disproved the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution has enjoyed wide scientific acceptance for about a century and a half. Biology is presented with evolutionist concepts. For this reason, most people believe that evolution is a theory backed by seemingly scientific facts, and creation a belief supported solely by faith. Whereas, on the contrary, the scientific facts disprove evolution. The facts that have come to light in the last 10-20 years in particular, openly conflict with the assumptions of the theory of evolution.

Another point that is stressed in this book is the need for those who support the theory in the name of science should be faced with these facts, and the prejudices they have held to all this time questioned. If they avoid doing so, these peoples’ attachment to the theory will be completely dogmatic, not scientific at all, and they will have accepted that fact. Some of the subjects discussed in this 15-chapter book are:

1. Under the heading A SHORT HISTORY (The birth of Darwinism, the question of the origin of life, The question of genetics, The efforts made by neo-Darwinism…)

2. Under the heading THE MECHANISMS OF DARWINISM (Natural selection, the struggle for survival?, Can natural selection account for complexity?, Mutations, The pleiotropic effect…)

3. Under the heading THE TRUE ORIGIN OF SPECIES (The meaning of variations, The claims of microevolution, The origin of species according to the fossil record, The question of transitional forms and…)

4. Under the heading TRUE NATURAL HISTORY (From invertebrates to reptiles) (Fossils deny the ‘tree of life,’ The claim of the evolution of vertebrates, The claim of the evolution of land animals, Physiological obstacles to the claim of the transition from water to land…)



Definitive answers to the fairy tale claims of evolutionist scientists…

The introduction to this book, written with the aim of providing a definitive answer to deceptive stories regarding evolution that have recently appeared in the press, sums its aim up as follows:

The theory of evolution is a long way from explaining how life came about: on the contrary, every new development in such branches of science as biology, biochemistry, palaeontology and anatomy gives rise to new questions that cannot be explained by evolution, and never will be. Just the developments in the first months of the 21st century have dealt Darwinism a death blow.

One important new development in the 21st century, is people all over the world are being provided with information to combat evolutionary propaganda. In the recent past, the majority thought that evolution was a certain and proven fact, but now they are aware that it is an imaginary scenario consisting of evolutionists’ falsities and deceptions which lack any kind of scientific evidence. Of course, books, conferences, and other activities which reveal the theory of evolution’s falsities, deceptions, and quandaries have played an important part in this.

This book is a collection of works to that end. Scientific and intelligent answers to deceptive news stories that have appeared in newspapers and magazines in our country of late are gathered together.

As will be seen from the replies to the claims of the theory of evolution in this book, all news items that defend or make propaganda for the theory of evolution are wrong and deceptive. Because evolution never happened. Life is not the product of blind coincidences and lifeless, unconscious atoms, as evolution holds. Life is the work of God, a Superior Creator, Who possesses infinite power, knowledge, and wisdom.



In this book, you will see that evolutionists’ beliefs
are in complete contradiction to science, that some of
them knowingly deny this truth, and others find themselves
unable to understand what is being explained to them.

The book called Evolutionary Falsehoods brings together three separate previously published booklets which discuss how evolutionists resort to deception. Generally, the book considers false information put forward by evolutionists at conferences, in articles they publish in magazines and newspapers, or in textbooks. It then explains why each one of these is deceptive.

The first two books consider and reply to basic claims put forward by evolutionist and materialist circles in Turkey since May, 1998. The third book considers scientific textbooks taught in Turkish middle schools and reveals the evolutionist errors they contain.

The first book, ‘The invalidity of the claims at the theory of evolution conference,’ first considers the ‘Theory of evolution’ conference which the magazine Science and Utopia held with the support of the Istanbul University Rector’s Office on June 3, 1998. It then considers other publications by the magazine concerning evolution, and lastly the deceptions in an article on the subject by Professor Reþat Kayalý.

In the second book, ‘The invalidity of the claims in evolutionist publications,’ deceptions in evolutionist and materialist publications from 1998 are considered and corrected with scientific evidence.

The third book, ‘The scientific errors in middle school textbooks,’ considers one by one the evolutionists’ deceptions in the textbooks taught in the schools, and destroys them with the scientific facts. Before moving on to the deceptions in the textbooks, it stresses the danger of Darwinism to Turkey by revealing its ideological nature.



If you want to see how Darwinism is a fairy story
that not even its most fervent supporters really believe in,
you must read these confessions

All of the book Confessions of Evolutionists consists of a collection of statements from world-famous evolutionist scientists, all experts in various fields, regarding the impossibility that evolution could have happened. The aim of the book is to reveal that the theory of evolution is a claim that science cannot accept, and that even the most avid evolutionists have to admit the fact.

The book consists of 26 sections, and each of these considers an aspect of the theory of evolution, such as mutations, natural selection, microbiology, and the design in living things. With a short introduction, each one presents the evolutionists’ point of view and their errors. Later on, it presents confessions by world-famous evolutionist scientists regarding the impossibility of the subject in question. The source of each extract is fully set out in a 350-text bibliography at the back of the book. For instance, in the section ‘Confessions that they support the theory of evolution as an ideology,’ Cardiff University’s evolutionist Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy Chandra Wickramasinghe says:

From my earliest training as a scientist, I was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with any kind of deliberate creation. That notion has had to be painfully shed. At the moment, I can’t find any rational argument to knock down the view which argues for conversion to God. We used to have an open mind; now we realize that the only logical answer to life is creation-and not accidental random shuffling. (Interview in London Daily Express, August 14, 1981)

The back cover of the book states that its aim is to ‘show that Darwinism is a fairy story that not even its most fervent supporters really believe in.



This book sets out to decipher the methods employed by the Darwinist spell, and the attitudes adopted by Darwinists who make great efforts to ensure that it should not be broken…

It is as if the theory of Darwinism were a spell that has been injected into peoples’ heads. This theory, which is highly illogical and far removed from any scientific basis, is trying to be forced on people by various methods of suggestion and propaganda. Some people who are continually exposed to this suggestion come under the spell. The aim of this book is to free people from that influence by deciphering the methods employed by the Darwinist spell and the attitudes adopted by Darwinists who make great efforts to ensure that it should not be broken. It will also help these people to think, by the use of their free will, intelligence, and consciences, and to see the truth of creation.

The reason for the book having the name it does is explained in this way in the introduction:

‘The reason this book is called the Dark Magic of Darwinism is that the spell stems from that. And the aim of Darwinism is to get people to deny creation, which is a very clear and definite fact, and to believe in the theory of evolution, which is unreasonable nonsense. Someone who falls under the spell of Darwinism, also comes under the control of people who defend the theory of evolution. Darwinism, or the theory of evolution, is an unbelievable faith, holding that black is white, and devoid of all intelligence and logic…

You may be thinking at this moment that the situation Darwinists find themselves in could be better defined as a lack of intelligence or understanding than a spell. But the fact that those who believe in Darwinism include professors, and even Nobel prize-winners, shows that they are ‘under a great spell’ rather than lacking in understanding.



Darwinism is a superstitious religion.
The evolutionist belief has survived from the
Sumerian and Ancient Greek periods by wearing
a scientific mask. The concealed aspects of the
religion of Darwinism are in this book…

You may have thought, ‘Darwinism is a scientific theory, not a religion!’ when you read the title of the book. And indeed many people in the world do think that. The great majority of people believe that the theory of evolution is a proven scientific fact, and believe that the word ‘scientific’ accounts for its influence in the world. This book explains that this manner of thinking is based upon a string of consecutive errors.

The aim in the writing of this book was to reveal these deceptions, and to show people taken in by them that this scientific image is purely imaginary. Because the theory of evolution, with its founder, its holy book, its so-called answers to the emergence of life, its idols, its beliefs, its different accounts, and its closed attitude to criticism and scientific developments is a pagan religion that denies the existence of God.

Darwinism is a superstitious religion, but one of the world’s largest and most widespread. The propaganda methods, tactics, falsehoods, and deceptions employed by this superstition, are having powerfully suggestive effects on people, and the number of its believers has been growing rapidly for hundreds of years…

The fact that Darwinism is based upon the denial of the existence of God, and is a pagan religion, is now being openly stated by many people, in writings, articles, and books – and usually by those who represent this religion. For this reason, you may well be surprised by what you read the book, and ask yourself, when you learn what a widespread and wide-ranging religion Darwinism is, how you failed to realize that clear truth for so many years.



Brief explanations of the scientific collapse
of the theory of evolution, with a rich visual presentation…

In The End of Darwinism, the defeat of the theory of evolution in the face of science is related in a very precise and lucid style, and with a rich visual touch. Some of the subtitles in the book are:

An Outdated View: The Theory of Evolution, The Design in the Cell, The Natural Selection Misconception, Mutations, The Tale of Man’s Evolution, The Piltdown Man Scandal, Embryology Misconception, The Obvious Truth: Creation.

Unravelling all the scientific evidence proving the invalidity of the evolutionary theory, the book finally provides an answer to the question of how some scientists can still advocate it:

Why is the theory of evolution still defended, despite the obvious evidence against it? The American evolutionist biologist Michael Walker makes the following confession as he answers that question:

“One is forced to conclude that many scientists and technologists pay lip service to Darwinian theory only because it supposedly excludes a creator.” (MichaelWalker, Quadrant, October 1982, p. 44)

The only purpose of the promoters of the theory is to foster the materialist philosophy which denies God. Since materialists derived their so-called scientific argument from the theory of evolution, they have supported Darwinism since the day of its inception.

The lie of evolution will not live for long. British philosopher Malcolm Muggeridge states the collapse of the theory in this way:

“I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it’s been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books in the future. Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has.” (M. Muggeridge, The End of Christendom, p. 59)



The extraordinary consciousness inside the cell
is one of the proofs of the endless creative power of God,
the extent of His knowledge and perfect art.

In this book we will try to show you the miracle of creation in the miniature masterpiece of the cell, which has inner workings more complex and wonderful than that of a spaceship. We will expose the surprisingly coordinated and conscious workings of the organelles, the cell’s enzymes, proteins and all its other elements.

One of the reasons why there is a special emphasis on the cell in this book is to try to show the truth once again to those people who don’t believe in God and claim that life is a result of chance. Life is too complex and detailed to have been formed by chance, it is clear that a greater Intelligence and Power created it. Another purpose of this book is to explain the superiority of the creation of God and to recognize His Greatness.

In one section of the book, the self-copying feature of DNA is mentioned. Some lines from this section called “To believe in Darwinism is to abandon intelligence and logic” are as follows:

Every cell in our body multiplies by division. During this division DNA inside the cell’s nucleus has to duplicate itself. This DNA duplication takes place in such a perfect organization, discipline and order that a person would be amazed…

During this process, many enzymes perform tasks which require knowledge and intelligence with soldier-like precision. If you were given a text that contained 3 billion letters and were told to type it up, it wouldn’t be possible to do so without any mistakes. You would almost certainly make a mistake, miss a letter or even a whole line. However, these enzymes perform their tasks without any mistakes. This itself is clear proof of the art of creation of God.



Science can advance rapidly and serve humanity better only when
it is guided in accordance with the facts communicated in the Qur’an.

The main thrust of The Qur’an Leads the Way to Science, is to supply an answer to the long-held notion that religion conflicts with science. The book is divided into two parts, One and Two.

The first chapter of Book One, headed “Religion Encourages Science,” explains with verses from the Qur’an how God has summoned people to reflect on all beings and systems. Some of the topics covered in the chapter “Religion helps science to be properly guided” are: The Losses the “There is No Design in Nature” Claim Have Inflicted on Science, The Losses The Hopeless Efforts to Prove The Theory of Evolution Have Inflicted on Science, The Negative Influences on Evolutionist and Atheist Scientists From Knowing that They Strive In Vain.

The chapter headed “Science and Religion are Always in Harmony” contains information on noted scientists in Islamic history and their researches. This chapter then focuses on the approach of the Medieval Church towards scientists, which materialists often quote as an example to the conflict between science and religion, and on those sections of the Torah and the Bible which conflict with scientific findings. In the chapter headed “The Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an”, it is explained that many scientific facts discovered in the 20th century were proclaimed in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago and this is an important proof showing that the Qur’an is the revelation of God.

The second part of the book deals with believing scientists from the past and today. In this part, which includes short pieces of information about dozens of scientists and quotations from them about their faith, the incorrect idea that scientists are supposed to be atheists are destroyed.



Be sure to read this book, which includes the
scientific miracles in the Qur’an, as well as some
news given in the Qur’an about the future.

That some scientific facts proclaimed by the Qur’an 1,400 years ago have only recently been discovered by the development of technology and once more prove that the Qur’an is the word of God is stated in the book with these words:

The matchless style of the Qur’an and the superior wisdom in it are definite evidence that it is the word of God. In addition, the Qur’an has many miraculous attributes proving that it is a revelation from God. One of these attributes is the fact that a number of scientific truths that we have only been able to uncover by the technology of the 20th century were stated in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago.

Of course the Qur’an is not a book of science. However, many scientific facts that are expressed in an extremely concise and profound manner in its verses have only been discovered with the technology of the 20th century. These facts could not have been known at the time of the Qur’an’s revelation, and this is still more proof that the Qur’an is the word of God.

In addition to the scientific miracles of the Qur’an, the book also includes some news the Qur’an gives about the future.

Miracles of the Qur’an consists of two parts: In the first part, the scientific miracles in the Qur’an are explained. The second part, which includes news the Qur’an gives about the future, explains with evidence and a historical account that the victory of Byzantium was announced in the Qur’an. In this part, you will also find interesting facts about the correct use of the titles of Egyptian rulers in the Qur’an and the interesting discovery made about the word “Haman”, which is referred to in the Qur’an.



The purpose of this book is to display the boundless
Power and Art of God to the readers through some
examples of the creation miracles in the universe.

If we were to observe our universe in detail, we would see the delicate equilibrium that exists from the most basic cosmic laws to the critical physical values, from the smallest required balances to the most delicate calculations. We would be astonished to find out that the values of these balances are set in the most suitable way for the pnenomenon called “humanity” to exist.

In the recent years, cosmic scientists and theoretical physicists have concentrated on this topic that explores this astonishing special tuning needed for the human life to exist and have called it “Fine Tuning”. They found and calculated countless examples of this fine-tuning in the Universe. For instance, the surprising views of Professor John O’Keefe, an astronomer at NASA about the delicate balance in the universe are as follows:

“We are, by astronomical standards, a pampered, cosseted, cherished group of creatures… .. If the Universe had not been made with the most exacting precision we could never have come into existence. It is my view that these circumstances indicate the universe was created for man to live in”

The conclusions that have been reached to date show that in no instance or point of the formation of the universe was there room for any chance or coincidence. God, the Most Powerful and Knowing has planned every instant of the universe, from the moment of its creation until the moment you are reading these lines. It has been created so that man will exist, be tested and appreciate the power of his Creator.



How do the findings of modern science reveal that the universe
is created by God? The detailed answer to this question is provided
in this book in the light of recent scientific developments.

This book explains that the universe is perfectly created by God, according to a particular purpose and in great harmony, equilibrium and order, leaving no room for coincidence.

The chapter “The Creation of the Universe from Nothing” deals with subjects such as the limited and unsophisticated scientific knowledge in earlier centuries, how the notion of “the universe existing in infinite time” emerged from this unsophisticated level of science, the process by which this primitive notion gave ground to the expanding model of the universe and the substantiation of this by the verification of the Big Bang Theory and the Qur’an’s reference to the Big Bang.

The chapter “The Order in The Skies”, explains in the light of verses subjects such as the flawless order in the Solar System and the entire universe, why the gaps in space are necessary, the perfect harmony among all the components of the Solar System and the location of the Earth. The book also provides the views of scientists on these subjects, and relates that each one of these is a miracle of creation.

Under the subtitle “The Blue Planet”, the components making up the perfect system in the world are dealt with one by one. The Temperature of the World, the Mass of the Earth and its Magnetic Field, The Appropriateness of the Atmosphere for the Living Things are explained with examples.

The chapters, Design in Light, Design in Water and The Specially Designed Elements of Life are the sections in which it is related that the whole universe is specially designed for man. In these sections, you will read about all the amazing aspects of the delicate creation of God.



When we take a look at nature we can see many
superb designs in the bodies of living things, designs that are beyond any technology. This is the perfect creation of God.

This book discusses proof of the perfect creation of God, the flawless design in nature with many examples. The book’s contents are summarized on its back cover as:

All creatures in nature have very complex body systems. When we analyze a bird’s feathers, the sonar system of a bat or a mosquito’s wings we come across many of these fantastically detailed designs. All these designs show us the apparent truth: God has superbly created all living things.

The theory of evolution introduced by Charles Darwin in the 19th century denies creation and claims that all designs in our environment have taken a natural course in time and just happenned coincidentally by themselves. According to the the theory of evolution, the main mechanism of this formation is “gradual development”. However, the discoveries made during the 20th century have shown that the designs in all living things cannot be explained by “gradual development”. The bodies of living things consist of many organs that would all be useless with even one of them missing. The interdependence of these organs is enough to demonstrate that life cannot be explained by natural causes and that it is a flawless creation of God.

Throughout the book many examples are used to illustrate the many features of living things in nature and to clarify the point mentioned above. Here is a list of some of the book’s sections and subtitles:

The Miraculous Design of Insect Flight Mechanisms… The Inspiration for the Helicopter, the Dragonfly… Communication and Targeting Systems… The Radar of Bats… Fish with Electricity… the Sonar Inside a Dolphin’s Head… Design and Creation…



The Earth abounds with living miracles. However,
one needs to ponder in order to see and grasp what they mean…

This book was written to draw attention to some of the living things and events that we are advised to ponder in the Qur’an. Some of the subjects dealt with are:

Chapter 1: “The Four Animals Emphasised in the Qur’an ”

In this section, the features of various living things, such as the mosquito, camel, and honeybee are related. Many details such as the mosquito’s superior vision, its amazing blood-sucking technique and its development phases are explained in the light of verses. As well as these, the way bees build combs, and the features that allow the camel survive under harsh conditions make us ponder once again these living things that we are quite familiar with.

Chapter 2: “The Human Being”

In many verses of the Qur’an, God draws attention to the creation of human beings, and commands man to ponder it. In the subtitle, Creation in the Uterus, the stages of the development of man are discussed at length in the light of verses. Under the heading The Mechanisms in Our Body, there are explanations of our digestive, respiratory and skeletal systems.

Chapter 3: “The Signs in Living Things ”

The camouflage techniques employed by animals, the intelligent traps made by them, optical calculations, and plants that hunt insects are related in the section “The Professional Hunters”. Besides these, dams built by beavers, which require architectural design, termite nests, and the way weaver ants use their larvae as sewing machines to weave nests are described under the heading, “The Amazing Architects”.



The wisdom required to see the fact of creation
can be acquired through sincere faith. This book is
a summons to exercise one’s reason…

Allah Is Known Through Reason was written to answer the question “How do we know that God exists?” It is also a summons to think about the universe and the living things God has created and to see the perfection in their creation.

The book is made up of two main parts:

Part I is “The Fact of Creation in the Light of Scientific Evidence.” In the chapter “From Non-Being to Being” the question of how the universe originated is answered in the light of recent scientific findings, and it is revealed that these indicate God created the universe from nothing.

Under the title, “The Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth”, examples from complex systems such as the eye and the immune system, the defence systems of various animals are given, and it is revealed that all these complex structures could not have originated by coincidences and that each one of them are the signs of God’s creation.

In the section ” Scientists Confirm the Signs of Allah”, it is related that those who assert that science and religion are two conflicting notions are wrong, that both in the past and today, many prominent and respected scientists reached the evidence of God’s existence through science and declared their faith in God. In the section “Scientific Facts and the Miracle of the Qur’an”, it is explained that certain facts that could only be discovered with the technology of the 20th century were in fact revealed in the Qur’an 14 centuries ago.

Part II has the title “Those Who Are Unable to See The Fact of Creation.” The subjects discussed in this part are the Evolution Deceit, The Harms of a Society Model With no Belief in Allah, The True Promised Home: The Hereafter, A Very Different Approach to Matter, Relativity of Time and The Relativity of Fate.



In this book, Allah’s glorious artistry in colour,
encompassing the whole universe, is related.

The purpose of producing a book on Allah’s Artistry in Colour is to get people to think about colours, something which they see throughout their lives, yet the importance and properties of which they do not comprehend because of their familiarity and lack of thought, and show that colours are one of the proofs of God’s existence.

The colours, patterns, spots, and even lines on the creatures in nature have a meaning. Colours, sometimes used as a means of communication, sometimes as a warning for predators, have a vital importance for living beings. This is so much so that the lightness or darkness of a creature’s shade of colour, and even the direction of its lines have been specially determined.

A watchful eye will immediately see that not only living beings but also everything else in nature is just the way it should be, each being in the most appropriate place for it. What’s more, he will understand that everything has been given to the service of men. The blue, refreshing colour of the sky, the colourful appearances of flowers, the trees in bright green, the pastures, the moon, which lights up the world in pitch darkness, the stars and all the other beauties that we cannot count are manifestations of the artistry of God.

God has created the universe and everything animate and inanimate therein flawlessly.

Dwelling on the above theme, the topics in the book can be listed as follows:

A Colourful World, What is Colour? How is it Made? Design in Colours, Molecules That Produce Colour: Pigments, The Language of Colours, A Topic Evolution Cannot Explain, The Secret Beyond Matter.

After you read this book, you will see that you will be more aware of the beauties which you have never thought about so far.



Darwinism grounds his entire theory on the concept
of a “struggle for existence”. There are, however,
amazing examples of self-sacrifice in animals.

In this book the conscious behavior of animals is presented as a dilemma of the theory of evolution and many examples of this topic are given. As the book explores the conscious behavior of animals such as ‘Beavers the Dam Engineers’, ‘The Emperor Caterpillar that can Plan Ahead’, it also tries to answer the question “What is the source of instinct?” The impossibility that instinct develops in the course of evolution is explained along with the confessions of evolutionists on this subject and many examples of living things. As a result the fact that all living things act with the Inspiration of God is explained in this book in these words:

All creatures in nature show an obvious attempt to feed and protect themselves. However, these are not the only scenes that nature is made up of. Many of the creatures in nature sometimes show self-sacrifice towards their offspring or families, at other times towards members of their herd or maybe even creatures of different species. Some of their other features include cooperation, solidarity, watching out for one another.

Evolutionists that claim that nature is a place only for survival can never bring a clear explanation for such cases of self-sacrifice.

The devoted and cooperative behavior of living things once again clearly display the invalidity of the theory of evolution and form the evidence of an important fact: The entire cosmos was made by the Creator and that every living thing acts within the Inspiration of God.



The measure of a person’s intelligence and
conscience is his ability to conceive of God’s
greatness and the splendor of His creation.

Recall for a moment what you do when you wake up in the morning: you open your eyes, take a deep breath, sit up in bed, stand up and walk; then you eat breakfast and put on your clothes. You have a conversation with your mother or your brothers and sisters and you listen to what they say to you. Later you go outside or look out the window at a bright blue sky. Perhaps at that moment you hear the birds singing outside the window. You see a leaf fall to the ground and notice the ripe apples on the tree. You feel a breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun. In short, an ordinary day has begun. You have become used to the things you see and hear and, therefore, it does not even occur to you to think about them.

The purpose of the examples given in this book is to break that habituation and encourage its readers to think.

The examples given in this book are just a few of the many kinds of things that God has created in the universe and each one of them provides detailed information. For example, this book tells about some general characteristics of butterflies, but there are already books that contain pages and pages of information written about the eye of the butterfly only. Besides, there are many kinds of butterflies and each kind has its own particularities. In this book the human body is treated in a very general way, but there are volumes of books and articles that deal only with the bones. There are books about just one nerve in the human eye, about insect wings and even about the material of which one wing is constituted.

All these are clear proofs of God’s existence. God’s existence embraces every place. This book with its striking illustrations, will make a thinking person aware of the splendor of creation.



Sometimes people pretend not to understand
faith-related issues despite actually understanding
them very well. You must never become one of them…

This book, Never Plead Ignorance, reminds some very important facts people tend to forget in the daily routine and rush of their lives, and summons people to ponder these vital issues by providing examples from their daily lives.

The fact that everyone is actually aware of these facts, but avoids thinking about them, or pretends not to see or understand them, is stressed in the book.

Some of the issues dealt with are as follows:

Never Plead Ignorance;

1.About the Obvious Existence of Allah

2. That Evolution is a Deceit and Allah Creates Everything

3. About The Miraculous Features of Living Beings Surrounding You

4. That Everything You Possess is a Blessing From Allah

5. Of the Fact That You Will Not Stay Long in This World

6. Of the Fact that Death is Inevitable

7. Of the Fact that the Qur’an is the Book of Justice and That You Will be Judged according to It

8. About The Voice of Your Conscience

9.Of the Fact that Allah Commands Man to Conduct Himself Correctly

10. Of the Fact that Disbelief is the Source of All Wickedness

11. About the Existence of the Hereafter and the Day of Judgement

12. That Matter is Only an Illusion

13. That Time is a Variable Perception and that Everything is Predestined



Man is a being to whom Allah has granted the faculty
of thinking. Yet, the majority of people fail to employ this
very important faculty as they should…

The purpose of the book is to summon people to “think in the way they should” and guide them in their efforts to do so. That thinking would remove the mental numbness and blurred sight which takes control of people, that man can think anywhere at any time, and the importance of thinking sincerely by turning towards God are related in the light of verses from the Qur’an.

In the chapter “What are the Reasons that Prevent Thought?”, the following subtitles are discussed at length: “The Mental Numbness caused by Following the Majority, Mental Indolence, the Conditioned Response that ‘Thinking Too Much is No Good’, Avoiding the Responsibilities that Thinking Brings and Not Thinking Because of Being Swept Away by the Flow of Daily Life”.

According to the book; everyone can consider matters right after waking up in the morning, and contemplate what he sees during the day, the multi-coloured world he sees, the difficulties he encounters at work, in brief, at every moment he can think, as advised by God, draw conclusions from this, and conduct himself accordingly.

Someone who thinks regularly comes to realise more of the beauties and subtleties in the creation of God. While pondering all these, a conscientious person also thinks that it is a great kindness of his Lord that he is able to derive pleasure from the blessings that God bestows.

All the examples provided in the book relate to daily life. For instance, reports of violence a person sees on the television make him – provided that he is able to think deeply – think that in a society made up of people who fear God, such scenes never arise.



This book presents the “hidden” side,
that is, the “secret truth” of the world, about
which we are accustomed to think only superficially.

Eternity Has Already Begun examines the concept of eternity in the light of Albert Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity”, recent scientific discoveries on “the real essence of matter” and explanations regarding time and space in the Qur’an.

The purpose of the book is to encourage the reader to think about the concept of eternity while informing him of scientific findings regarding the issue. The following excerpt from the introduction gives a general idea of the content of the book:

“What does the word ‘eternity’ mean to you? One always tends to associate the concept of eternity with figures such as a thousand, a million or a billion years. Such a concept of time seems to suggest an everlasting period.

Nevertheless, even if you endeavour to imagine the greatest number possible, you are still limited by the intellectual capacity of your mind. One example will contribute to a fuller understanding of the extraordinary nature of eternity: If a quadrillion people spent all their lives, which also lasted a quadrillion years, doing nothing but counting numbers, day and night without stopping, they would still fail to arrive at eternity, since eternity as a concept has no beginning and no end.

However, in the sight of God, the Almighty, this concept of the “everlasting” which to us is absolutely incomputable, has already ended. Eternity, which is an unattainable concept for us, is actually just a single moment in the sight of God.”

This book presents to you unprecedented explanations of timelessness, spacelessness and eternity, and confronts you with an important fact: that eternity has already begun.



“Time”, assumed to be a definite fact by
materialists, is actually nothing but sensations…

The book Timelessness and the Reality of Fate reveals facts about space, matter, time and fate in the light of scientific findings and verses from the Qur’an.

Along with matter, materialists also hold time to be absolute. That is, they assume time extends from the infinite past to eternity. Relying on this misapprehension, they try to deny destiny, the Day of Judgement, paradise and hell. However today, modern science has proved that time, which is a derivative of matter, is also created from nothing together with matter and also has a beginning.

The last century revealed a number of facts, such as that time is a relative concept, that it is not constant and invariable, and that it is a sort of perception. The relativity of time and space has been verified, thanks to Einstein’s “Theory of General Relativity”, and this fact laid the foundation of modern physics today.

In brief, time and space are not absolute concepts but entities with a definite beginning, created by God from nothing. God, Who created time and space, is surely unbound by them. God determined and created every moment of time in timelessness. This is the very essence of the concept of destiny. Events we experienced in the past, those we will experience in the future and which we are experiencing now are all within the knowledge and under the control of God, the One Who is unbounded by time and Who creates it from nothing.

Modern science today verifies these facts, which were proclaimed by the Qur’an 14 centuries ago, and in which people wholeheartedly placed their faith, and accordingly bears witness that the Qur’an is the immutable Word of God. Materialist thinking, which has been denying the existence of God and the fact of Creation for centuries, is refuted in all fields by science, in which materialist thinking has taken every opportunity to take refuge.



In history, many societies have been wiped
off of the face of the earth because of their denial
and perversions. Here are the true stories of these societies…

This book, which is also available in Portuguese and Spanish, describes these punishments as revealed in the verses of the Qur’an and in the light of archaeological discoveries. Some of the societies examined in the book are the people of the Prophet Noah, Abraham, ‘Ad, Thamud, the people of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh, the people of Saba and the Companions of the Cave.

The introduction to the book provides the two reasons why the histories of these societies are being examined:

The stories of earlier peoples, which constitute a great part of the Qur’an, are certainly one of the matters we ought to contemplate. A majority of these people rejected the prophets sent to them and, moreover, showed animosity towards them. Because of their audacity, they brought God’s wrath upon themselves and have been wiped off the face of the earth.

The Qur’an tells us that these cases of destruction should be a warning to succeeding generations. For instance, right after the description of the punishment meted out to a group of Jews who rebelled against God, it is said in the Qur’an; “So We made it an example to their own time and to their posterity, and a lesson to those who fear God.”(Surat al-Baqara: 66)

The second reason we are examining these destructions is to show how the verses of the Qur’an are reflected externally in the world, and to demonstrate the authenticity of the Qur’an’s account. In the Qur’an, God confirms that His verses are observable in the external world: “Praise be to God, Who will soon show you His Signs, so that you shall know them” (Surat an-Naml: 93), and to know and identify them is one of the primary ways leading to belief.



The world is only a temporary abode for man,
and abounds with countless signs recalling this fact.

This book offers explanations regarding a very important essence of the life of this world, and encourages people to ponder over the real abode of man, that is, the hereafter. The views presented in the book about the life of this world can be summarised as follows:

One of the major reasons why people cast religion aside is the assumption that life is eternal. Forgetting that death is likely to put an end to this life at any moment, man simply believes that he can enjoy a perfect and happy life. Yet, he evidently deceives himself. The world is a temporary place specially created by God to test man. That is why it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying man’s endless needs and desires.

In the chapter “The Life of This World”, under the heading, The Secret of the World, the author describes how man lives in a world which is an almost negligible space in the immense universe, and that this life is a fleeting one. The heading A Deceptive World discusses how everything existing on Earth is destined to perish.

In the chapter “The Weaknesses of Man”, the frail nature of man’s body is explained under the following subtitles: Bodily Needs, Fifteen Years Without “Consciousness”, Disease and Accidents, The Consequences of Diseases and Accidents, The Later Years of Life, Age-Related Physical Problems and the Death of Man.

The chapter “Natural Hazards and Disasters”, explains that the world is a place vulnerable to natural threats such as meteor showers, asteroids, or the inner core of molten elements existing in the planet’s interior. This chapter also deals with earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and volcanoes.

The book also contains a chapter called “Past Civilisations” in which the disasters which befell past civilisations are extensively covered.



The Golden Age is the presentation of an
extremely beautiful life to all people in this world.
This period is a blessing of God to His servants.

In the hadiths of our Prophet, there are references to an auspicious period when the morals of the Qur’an will prevail in the universe. Because our Prophet used to describe this age in terms of heavenly attributes, it came to be called the “Golden Age”. This age is a blessing to believers from God. In this book, the attributes of the Golden Age and the extraordinary beauties people will encounter are described in the light of verses from the Qur’an and hadiths. The following excerpt is taken from the introduction:

Many people may not be familiar to the concept of “the end times”. It will therefore be helpful to briefly describe that concept. “The end times” refers to the period near to the end of the world. According to Islam, in this time the morals of the Qur’an will prevail, and people will adhere to the moral values it introduces.

In this period, everything necessary for securing a peaceful and blissful environment for people will be provided. This period, when the moral principles of Islam will establish control, is a blessed period that all believers have longed for ages.

In the hadiths of our Prophet, detailed explanations regarding the Golden Age are provided. Many Islamic scholars succeeding our Prophet also made very important explanations regarding the Golden Age. According to these, the world will initially suffer great corruption and disorder, but later, by living by the true religion, it will attain ultimate salvation. In this age there will be an abundance in all products and possessions; all the benefits of technology will be used for the good of man, important improvements will be made in medicine and technology and a superior understanding of arts will flourish.



The 21st century will be a period when more
and more people will turn towards God, and the
morals of the Qur’an will pervade the whole world.

The 20th century was one of cruelty and slaughter, of racial attacks and genocide. The grounds for all this misery had started to be laid by the 19th century. Materialist thought, which had asserted matter to be an absolute entity since time immemorial, grew stronger in the 19th century with Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the spread of irreligious ideologies gained momentum thereafter. These ideologies were at once adopted as a guide to life by society. In their endeavour to establish a world based on the denial of the existence of God and religion, materialists instilled in people the fallacy that they are not responsible to anyone, and that they can live as they wish, without observing the rights of others.

Irreligious ideologies, a legacy of the 19th century, gained control of societies all over the world, and so the 20th century went down in history as the century of misery.

But, we have now put the 20th century behind us. We now have a brand new century lying ahead of us. The peoples of the world, who have seen that materialist philosophy -no matter under which name it was presented – brought with it nothing but sorrow in the last century, are now turning towards God. Prominent leaders, politicians, jurists, artists, sportsmen, scientists, and intellectuals explicitly express their belief in God. All these developments indicate that the materialist philosophy widely adopted in the 19th century is, in the 21st century, losing ground to faith in God, righteousness, peace and bliss. This is the promise of God to all people. In the following verse, God commands:

Say: ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat al-Isra:81)



An extraordinary scientific fact greatly feared
by materialists has come to light in the 21st century.

“The reality behind matter” is actually not a new subject. This reality which is hinted at in a few verses of the Qu’ran is the key to better understanding some other verses.

At the beginning of the 21st century, scientific developments in modern physics begun by Einstein, quantum physics, astronomy, psychology and anatomy have deeply discomfited those who view the world from a materialist point of view and according to the old scientific understanding. Investigations in the areas of fossil research and genetics have caused the collapse of the theory of evolution; optics and psychology have discovered how our system of perception functions; astronomy has proposed the Big Bang theory – the theory that the material universe began at a certain point; atomic research and research into atomic particles has turned classical physics inside out and proved the truth of the theory of Relativity – the theory that time is a relative concept. Today some scientists and researchers pretend ignorance although they know that our senses cannot access a world outside ourselves and that the lives we live are composed of perceptions we sense in our brains.

Not only do they neglect to explain this reality to people, but they also act as if such a reality did not even exist. Of course, to pretend not to see reality is no solution. To learn the secret behind matter will provide a true understanding of such concepts as the existence of God, His attributes, fate, spirit, Paradise, Hell, timelessness and eternity.

Those who take part in the conversations in this book come from various walks of life. The participants ask questions about “the truth behind matter”. Answering their questions is Murat who studied this subject years ago in the works of Harun Yahya, and who has an in-depth knowledge of it.



The events related in this book about the life of Moses should
not be regarded merely as tales of the past, but rather as lessons
and examples shedding light on our own lives today.

In this book, the life of Moses is examined as described in the verses of the Qur’an.

Moses is the prophet whose life is most extensively related in the Qur’an. His struggle with Pharaoh, the improper conduct of his tribe towards him, and his summoning people to the right path are examined in detail, starting from his early years. The resolute attitudes he displayed in times of hardship are given as examples. However, the events related in the life of Moses should not be regarded merely as tales of the past, but rather as events and examples shedding light on our own lives.

The following excerpt is taken from the conclusion to the book:

The life of Moses abounds with very useful lessons and reminders for believers. Starting from his early years, some of these lessons and reminders have been dealt with throughout this book.

Pondering these lessons leads us to the absolute control that destiny exercises over a man’s life and the beauty it represents for a man of faith.

Some of the lessons to be drawn from Moses’ life can be summarised as follows:

1- Destiny and its divine purposes

2- Siding with the righteous

3- Trusting God and Placing faith in Him

4- The temporary nature of the life of this world and of possessions

5- Ignorant thinking and self purification

6- The Story of the Cow and plunging into details

The most important lesson, however, is the faith the Prophet Moses and Aaron (Harun) put in God, and their exemplary morals.



You will notice many changes in your life
after reading the life story of Prophet Joseph,
which abounds with divine purposes.

The subject of this book is the “Story of Joseph” which narrates some of the events from the life of the Prophet Joseph. In one verse God informs Muslims that there exist lessons to be drawn from the “Story of Joseph”.

“In Joseph and his brothers there are Signs for every one of those who wants to ask.” (Surah Yusuf: 7)

In the verse, it is stressed that “there are Signs (lessons) for every one of those who wants to ask”. So, it is important for all Muslims to pay attention to these verses and learn from them. Consequently, in compliance with the verse, it is necessary to inquire and examine into the events regarding the Prophet Joseph and his brothers. This is the purpose of this book.

When we subject the life of the Prophet Joseph to scrutiny, we see that Muslims of almost all ages experience similar suffering, become the subjects of slander by people who are distant to religion and face many situations with which they have to be patient and in which they have to put their trust in God. When he was still very young, the Prophet Joseph was thrown into a well and left to die by his brothers, was sold as a slave, and was subjected to many wrongful accusations. Moreover, he spent many years in prison and was tested with numerous difficulties. After all the plots hatched against him, and the many years spent forgotten in prison for no reason, God placed him in authority over the treasures of the land, and granted him power and possessions. The Laws of God rule here too, as in all other fields of life. In many verses, God promises Muslims that He will comfort them after the difficulties they go through. Having a good grasp of the Story of Joseph will provide the sort of experience from which believers can benefit all through their lives.



Answers to commonly asked questions and
the claims of evolutionists are to be found in this book.

The theory of evolution has been kept on the agenda for 150 years and has had a deep effect on peoples’ outlook on the world. It has imposed on people the belief that they are an “animal species” that came into being through coincidences. Moreover, it has maintained that the only way to survive is to be involved in a self-interested struggle for life and existence. The results of these ideas became obvious in the 19th and 20th centuries. The growing selfishness among people, the mounting moral degeneration, self-interestedness, cruelty, violence in societies, the development of totalitarian and bloody ideologies such as fascism and communism, the individual and social misery people who lose their faith suffer…

In this book, the scientific invalidity of the evolutionary theory is handled in more general terms. Answers are provided to the questions commonly asked, and not fully acknowledged by lay people, and to the evolutionists’ claims in the issues concerned. More detailed scientific explanations of the answers given in this book are available in our other books such as The Evolution Deceit, The Real Origin of Life, The Blunders of Evolutionists, “Precise Answers” to Evolutionists.

Some of the questions included in the book are as follows:

Why is the theory of evolution not the “basis of biology”?, Why does the existence of different races not provide evidence for evolution?, Why are the claims that the ape and human genome match to an accuracy of 99%, and that this proves evolution untrue?, Why is the claim that dinosaurs turned into birds an unscientific one?, Why is the presentation of cloning as “evidence for evolution” a big deceit?, Why is it impossible for life to have come from space?


Read about the details of the perfect
design in leaves and the vital process
of photosynthesis in this book.

Plants, which have a very important role in the lives of human beings, are a vast treasure coming in more than 500,000 varieties, which God has given to the service of man.

With their photosynthesis systems converting light to food, their mechanisms that ceaselessly produce energy and oxygen, cleanse nature, and maintain the ecological balance, and their aesthetic qualities such as their taste, fragrance, and color which so appeal to man, plants are special forms of life that reveal their Creator, God’s, infinite knowledge, artistry, compassion and mercy towards people. So far, only 10,000 plant species have been able to be examined, all of which have special systems created for special purposes, which reveal that each plant has amazing creation properties.

For those who want to know God, see His attributes, and get closer to Him, a look at the facts of creation in plants, or even one single leaf, and an examination of their world full of wonders, will be very helpful. Thus, the doors of striking facts, which people so far might have thought as being restricted to scientists, will be opened to everyone who looks at his surroundings with a sincere and attentive manner.

Believers can see the miracles of God lying before their eyes with the reason and understanding He gives them. To do this, one has to look at all things with the eye of wisdom and reason. Anyone who looks at his surroundings with an eye of wisdom and reason will learn, besides the artistry he sees in the colour, form and fragrance of a flower, also the systems that makes it a flower, and witness God’s superior knowledge and power more closely.

In this book, you will explore one very important property of plants, namely, photosynthesis, and the perfect design of the leaves where photosynthesis takes place, thus testifying to the miracles God created in these living things.



Have you ever wondered what the 100 trillion cells in your body accomplish for you? You will be astonished when you read this book…

The subject of this book is the cell, the building block of life. This book deals with the cell not merely as a topic in biology or chemistry, but aims to show the reader the incredibly complex organelles in the cell and the extraordinary functions they perform.

This book reveals the facts which evolutionist scientists try to cover up, and the miracle of creation in the cell. As is admitted by many of these scientists imbued with evolutionist thought, in the same way that not a single meaningful sentence can come into existence spontaneously, that is, without the existence of an “author”, neither did the cell, that contains pieces of information which would fill thousands of encyclopaedias, come into existence by coincidende; like everything else, it is also created by God.

The style of the book ensures that every reader will ponder every piece of information. For instance, the following statements on page 142 guide the reader in his contemplation of the complex functions of the cell and its organelles, which demand wisdom and intelligence:

However, accepting that the intelligence displayed in the cell belongs to the cell itself is logically implausible. That is because, the particles of cell asserted to “demonstrate wisdom” are nothing but heaps of molecules. The functions they perform entail the existence of some sophisticated mental faculties like “thinking”. However, they lack a brain to enable them to do that. However, these chemical compounds, bereft of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking or decision making mechanisms, display a rather glorious “demonstration of wisdom.” We need to ask the following questions, the: “What is the source of this wisdom?”



The flawless creation in the eye has caused
evolutionists of our day, as well as Darwin, to despair.

This book reveals the facts which evolutionist scientists try to cover up, and the miracle of creation in the cell. As is admitted by many of these scientists imbued with evolutionist thought, in the same way that not a single meaningful sentence can come into existence spontaneously, that is, without the existence of an “author”, neither did the cell, that contains pieces of information which would fill thousands of encyclopaedias, come into existence by coincidence; like everything else, it is also created by God.

The style of the book ensures that every reader will ponder every piece of information. For instance, the following statements on page 142 guide the reader in is contemplation of the complex functions of the cell and its organelles, which demand wisdom and intelligence:

However, accepting that the intelligence displayed in the cell belongs to the cell itself is logically implausible. That is because, the particles of cell asserted to “demonstrate wisdom” are nothing but heaps of molecules. The functions they perform entail the existence of some sophisticated mental faculties like “thinking”. However, they lack a brain to enable them to do that. However, these chemical compounds, bereft of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking or decision-making mechanisms, display a rather glorious “demonstration of wisdom.” We need to ask the following question, then:”What is the source of this wisdom?”

This book reveals the examples of superior creation and miracles in the eye, which is one of the signs of God in this world. As with other works in this series, this book discloses the true face of the theory of evolution, the greatest scientific fallacy in history.

The following excerpt from the introduction to the book explains the deadlock the theory of evolution faces in the face of the perfect structure in the eye, and the question of how the eye emerged:

An eye that does not secrete teardrops dries up and eventually goes blind. Tears also protect the eye against germs with their antiseptic properties. Evolutionists do not even want to consider the fundamental question of how the eye, which dries up within hours without tear secretion, could have endured the millions of years when it had no tear glands, yet emerged from evolutionary processes. Matters grow still worse in the evolutionist camp when we take into account the fact that to carry out its functions the eye needs the entire body to be intact, with its all organs and systems, as well its own organelles and tissues such as the cornea, the retina, the conjunctiva, the iris, the pupil, the lens, the choroid, the eyelid and eye muscles, not to mention the brain’s complex visual centre and the amazing neural networks that connect the eye to the brain. All of these subsystems have structures that are too complex and specialised to have emerged by chance.

If only one of these organelles, for example the eyelid, were missing, the eye would become useless. In short, the structure of the eye is the result of very special planning. The harmonious coexistence and cooperation of these organelles has only one single valid and logical explanation: that they are created.



In this book, you will read everything
you don’t know about the hunting techniques
and inimitable webs of the spiders…

This book includes much interesting information about the spider, and readers are encouraged to think about this animal through these reports. Introducing the admirable features of spiders, which are known by only a few people, the book also asks the questions “how” and “why”, and provides answers to these questions.

For instance, the hunting technique of the net-casting spider called dinopis is related in these words on page 14:

This ogre-faced spider, or Dinopis, to give it its scientific name, employs a very unusual and surprising hunting technique. Instead of building a fixed web and waiting for its prey, it builds a web with a few special features, and casts this over its prey. Then it wraps its prey up in this web. The trapped insect is doomed. Then, the spider wraps its prey in new threads, in a “packet,” to keep its food fresh for later.

But how is the spider able to build a web of such perfect mechanical planning and chemical construction?

According to evolutionists, Dinopis spun its web with the features we have described above, by chance, and also learned to use it by chance. In this case the following questions need to be answered: If the first web was spun by chance, how did the second and third webs come to be spun? How did a newly-born spider know how to spin a web like lace, to spin a web with qualities different from those of others, and that it would have to throw the web over its prey?

There is only one answer to these questions. The spider, incapable of learning, or learning by heart, and lacking even a brain sufficiently developed to do these things, was endowed with these things by God, the omnipotent Creator of all living things.



“God is not ashamed to make the example of a gnat or of an even smaller thing…” (Surat al-Baqara: 26)

This book deals with the attributes of one of the living beings to which God specifically refers in the Qur’an. The aim of the book is explained as follows:

Countless books and research on gnats are available in world literature. However, the aim of this book is bery different to all the others. The purpose is not to inform the reader how gnats reproduce, lay their eggs or feed their offspring, but to ensure that man remembers the most important fact in human life by means of them.

The purpose is to remind man of his real Lord, and the responsibilities he has to Him.

The chapter about the reproduction of gnats explains how the mother consciously searches for a proper place to lay her eggs, and how she measures the temperature and humidity of that place with her own body. It also relates that the organelle enabling these functions to happen cannot have formed in the body of the gnat spontaneously, and that the information regarding how and for what purposes these organelles are used cannot be transmitted to the next generation.

The respiratory system which enables the larva to survive in water, and the special brush system which makes respiration possible during feeding are also shown in the book as explicit examples of design.

During the pupal stage, the bodily structure that takes shape with the transformations the pupa goes through, and the ascent to the surface of the water when the pupa fully matures into a gnat are explained in detail.

You can also find other miracles of creation in the book, such as how gnats hunt with their sensitive receptors, how they suck blood, and how the anti-clotting agent forms in their bodies.



The social system of ants is amazingly superior and complex…

This book explores the admirable and awe-inspiring structure and behavior of ants, includes relevant research by scientists and researchers, and arrives at the following conclusion:

It is absolutely impossible for ants, which have millimeter-sized bodies, yet do incredibly skillful things which only man can accomplish, to have originated by chance.

Throughout the book, the social lives and the solidarity between them are described with examples, revealing that they act upon God’s revelation. The “honey ants” quoted in page 59 are an example of this:

There is a great division of labour among honey ants in this phase. Some ants are used as “jars” to keep the nectar collected by other workers. In every nest, there is one queen, workers and also honey carriers. The colonies of these ants are usually located near the dwarf oak trees the workers can extract nectars from. After the workers carry the nectar, once having swallowed it, to their nests, they take it out of their mouths and pour it into the mouths of young workers who will keep the honey. These workers, nicknamed honeypots, use their own bodies to store the sweet liquid food the colony often needs to get through hard times in the desert. They are fed until they swell up to the size of blueberries. Then they dangle like amber globes from the ceilings of their chambers until called upon to regurgitate nectar to hungry sisters. While attached to this ceiling, they look like a small and translucent bunch of grapes. If any of them falls down, the workers return it to its previous position right away.

In this book, you can find many details about the amazing and highly intelligent social lives of ants. You will see that your outlook on the creatures around you will have changed.



Here you will find which enemies the army in your body fights …

This book gives an insight into the immune system, one of the perfect systems in the human body, with reference to scientific sources. Some of the topics in the book are:

The Defence System, Besieged Castle: The Human Body, Intelligent Weapons: Antibodies, Organs Employed in Defence, Cells on Duty in the System, Step by step to all-out war, The Enemies of the System…

Some events that take place in the body when it is invaded by a germ can be summarized thus:

Although it is not easy for the enemy organisms to enter the body, they exert themselves to the utmost to reach their ultimate goal of invading the body. When they successfully do so, after overcoming various obstacles such as the skin, and the respiratory and digestive tracts, they will find tough warriors waiting for them. These tough warriors are produced and trained in specialized centres such as the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes. These warriors are “the defence cells” referred to as the macrophages and lymphocytes.

First, various types of phagocytes, which are called the “the eater cells” will swing into action. Then the macrophages, another specific type of phagocytes, take their turn. They all destroy the enemy by engulfing it. Macrophages also perform other duties such as summoning other defence cells to the battleground, and raising the body temperature. The rise in temperature at the onset of a sickness is very important, for the afflicted the person will feel fatigued by it and need to rest, thus reserving the energy needed to fight against the enemies.

When you read the book, you will witness the perfect system God created in your body, and give thanks to Him.



The thousands of varieties of plants on the
Earth are the loveliest examples of Allah’s art of creation…

With the information on plants it contains, this book presents their miraculous features, and dispels the familiarity of things that people see but pass by, the ‘miracle of creation’ that people continually meet in their daily lives but never consider. It is intended to open up a new horizon to people who are only interested in certain things throughout the course of their lives, and only think about their daily needs, so are unable to see the existence of God.

In order to give an idea of its contents, these are some of the main headings and sub-headings:

And a plant is born: A new life prepares to leave the mother plant, Plants which reproduce asexually, From pollen to seed, Perfectly packaged genes, Pollen-carriers at work, Methods employed by plants, Pollenation and reproduction methods employed by underwater plants…

Natural drillers: Roots: How does the system work?, The pressure system in plant roots, How roots take ions from the soil, The fastidiousness of roots…

Leaves and photosynthesis: The general structure of leaves, Pores: a flawless design, The emergence of leaves according to evolutionists, The miracle of photosynthesis, A factory full of water, The light phase, Like everything necessary for photosynthesis, the sunlight has been arranged, Photosynthesis could not have come about by chance, Why are plants cool?

The scenario of plant evolution: Are bacteria as primitive as the theory of evolution suggests? The invalidity of evolutionists claims on the subject, The origin of photosynthesis, Fossils which reveal the truth of creation…